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Heating and cooling systems are complex units consisting of dozens of parts and components. As with any mechanical machinery, these parts can wear out or break, resulting in costly repairs. For example, a typical furnace contains more than 50 components, any one of which could fail and cause the unit to malfunction or shut down completely. A bad igniter is probably the most common issue and can cost as much as $150-$200 to replace.

A faulty thermostat is another typical furnace repair issue that will prevent you from adjusting your home’s temperature. While a basic thermostat may be inexpensive, it is important to choose the correct model for your specific system needs. Getting an efficient  programmable model may set you back as much as several hundred dollars when installed by a HVAC professional, but the cost savings may help pay for the upgrade within a few short years!

A more severe furnace repair problem is a failed motor. A draft inducer motor can carry a price tag as high as $700, while a blower motor can run up to $1,500 or more. When you factor in the service charge, your total cost can be hundreds of dollars more, especially for after-hours or emergency calls. Birdwell A/C and Heating is dedicated to keeping cost of repairs and replacements down so the average everyday family can afford comfort for their home. 

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Air conditioning and heating repairs and replacements by Birdwell A/C and Heating
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