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Corpus Christi, Texas

Did you know we carry and install products that could help keep your family healthy this cold and flu season?
We install everything from media filters, to UV lights and air purifiers.
Air purifiers and other air quality products can remove the smallest microbes in the air, reducing harmful airborne germs that not only include cold and flu viruses but also dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke particles and even bacteria. If your worried about cold and flu season along with other select VIRUSES, you may consider giving us a call for a free consultation.

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Corpus Christi Air Quality

Air purifiers remove contaminants in the air such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke from indoor air. We highly recommend them for anyone with allergies. Models with the added feature of UV light further purify air, destroying bacteria and other microorganisms to further maintain indoor air quality. Both regular and UV air purifier can be installed within ductwork, or used via a standalone machine. Air purifiers are beneficial for allergy sufferers and those with asthma Reducing irritants in the air that can lead to allergy or asthma attacks. With Immune compromised individuals, removing contaminants and pollutants can safeguard against a range of illnesses. People with COPD or other respiratory conditions have a challenging time breathing and often times require an inhaler. When people with these conditions use an air purifier they find themselves using their inhaler less, or potentially not at all, while in the vicinity of the device. Homes with smoke odors Air purifiers can remove second-hand smoke from the air, eliminating not only annoying smells, but potentially harmful airborne compounds. With extremely dusty homes Air purifiers can help reduce dust building up on surfaces within your home and on belonging. One of the major benefits of using an air purifier is to help clean pet hair and dander out of the air. Many breeds of cats and dogs shed throughout the year and when an animal scratches itself the hair and dander fly all over.  

Air purifiers help you and your family breathe easier! 

Clean air is important for overall quality of life, but if you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer, it’s essential.

Even in a seemingly clean environment, the air can still be filled with invisible particulates like mold, pet dander, dust mites, etc., which will aggravate existing allergy sensitivities. With the right air purifier, most of these particulates will be filtered out, allowing you and your family to relax and breathe easier.

2. Cleaner air while cooking

Cooking with gas burners releases excessive amounts of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and ultra fine particles into the air. And if you’re frying anything, the smoke and smell can provide an unpleasant environment for any visiting guests.

An advanced air purifier will reduce any cooking odors, harmful gases, and unpleasant fumes, so you can invite friends over with confidence.

3. Get the sleep you need

Sleep has been linked to improved cognitive abilities, reduced depression and higher academic performance. However, this can be difficult if you’re experiencing symptoms like congestion, stuffy noses, sneezing, sinus headaches from mold, dust or dander in your bedroom.

An air purifier with an advanced filter cleans the air of particles that cause those types of health issues. This leads to a better night’s sleep, letting you make the most of your days.

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